Ordinary Member Account
This is the main membership account. the account enables a member save continuously and grows in savings as he/she works (does business)
To open this account this account one fills a membership form pays an account opening fee of Kshs 1,000. Once the form is filled and the account opening fee paid the member will then be issued with membership number and expected to do savings on a monthly basis. The account gives one access to our tailor made credit facilities.

Shares Capital Account
Every member of the Sacco is expected to buy a minimum of 800 shares in the Sacco worth Kshs 20,000.
This is to be done at least within the first 12 months of becoming a member. However, members can still buy more shares

Holiday Savings Account
With this account, you are able to plan your end year/holiday expenses. Savings can be done on a monthly basis / any other way depending on plan.
Every December you have the option to withdraw the savings or allow the same to roll over to the next year.
Money in this account earns an attractive interest.

TOTO Savings Account
The account enables parents/guardians to do savings for their children
The money saved earns interest yearly.

Group Savings Account.
Account is tailor made for groups
The group earns interest on savings and is able to access loans based on savings

Special Savings Account.
Account allows one to save money he/she intend to use after specific periods.
This can be 3,6,9,12 months. Interest rates depends on period.