We at Tramom Sacco understand that today’s business person is not looking for funding anymore; he/she seeks partnership.
We know you want to be sure that your financial partner is as committed to the success of your business as you yourself are.
We understand your need of the assurance that your financial partner will not just give you a loan then sit and wait for the end-month to start reaping the interest.
We know you want to see your financial partner, sleeves rolled up, creating the interest himself, and then sharing it with your business.

That is what we at Tramom Sacco do! We don’t earn interest anymore!

We create the interest then share it with you!!
 Are you already a Landlord but you desire to put up that second flat?

Are you a transporter and you yearn to expand your fleet?
Do you long to open your second restaurant on the other side of town?
Is your present Salon too small and you can’t wait to move to a bigger space?
Or better still, do you have a great business idea and you are trying to raise funds to set it on the move?

Talk to us today.

Directly call us on 0730785785 for both Nairobi and Mombasa office or visit our offices on any working day. If you are online right now, simply send an e-mail to info@tramomsacco.com 

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